Statistics Platform

Google Analytics, but DSGVO compliant

Privacy compliant statistics platform
as an alternative to Google Analytics

Marketing functionality

Effectively track and understand the
behavior of visitors on the website.

Technical functionality

Automated Data Analysis via API, Plugins,
Database Optimization and Server Monitoring

100% DSGVO Compliance

GA with additional features and secure,
options for data privacy compliance.

Regional Server Hosting

Modern, secure server infrasturktur are
based in German and follow EU laws.

Heatmap & Session Recording
Monitor and understand the behavior of your
website visitors with heatmap visualizations and session recordings.

SEO Keywords

Keyword Performance
Track and optimize your website's search engine keyword performance with our comprehensive keyword analysis tool.

Report Summaries
Reporting Summaries
A handy feature that allows you to combine reports for multiple websites into a single dashboard. Easily track your overall performance and make data-driven decisions.

Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel
Create custom funnel tracking analytics to understand and optimize your visitors' conversion process.

Media Analytics

Media Analytics
The feature allows you to analyze the performance of multimedia content, such as videos and audio, on your website. With this feature, you can discover hidden trends and behavioral patterns to make your multimedia content even more effective.


Multi-channel conversion attribution
This feature allows you to attribute conversions across multiple channels and understand how different marketing channels contribute to a conversion.

AB testing

A/B Testing
Compare the performance of different variations of your website or campaigns to get the best results.

Users Flow

Users Flow
Track and understand the user journey on your website, how they navigate and perform interactions. This can help you identify and improve weaknesses in your website structure to improve user experience and conversions.

Report Custom
Custom Report
It allows users to create and view customized reports based on their specific requirements.


Allows users to be segmented into groups based on common behaviors and monitor the evolution of these groups over time - for deeper insights into user behavior and development of personalized marketing efforts.

SEO Keywords 1
SEO Web Vitals
A feature to monitor key SEO metrics and usability to improve search engine optimization.

Google Analytics Importer
Migrate your Google Analytics data easily and efficiently.

Advertising Conversation Export
Enables exporting conversion data from our Statistic platform for better integration with ad platforms.

Experience accurate, privacy-focused insights.

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