Email Protection

Comprehensive, simple and effective.

Our system is easily connected to your e-mail domain via MX entry in DNS. Mails that are not filtered are sent directly to port 25 of your mail server via ESMTP and via SecuMail. You can rely on the highest level of security and availability for email archiving.


Useful Functions like daily spam report, and immediate notification of the recipient when filtering certain files.


Precautions like phishing filters managed email security protects you reliably.


With an excellent filter rate, the intelligent systems adapt individually with each email.

Self-running system

The system is simply connected to your email domain via an MX record in DNS.

Email Archiving

Absolute confidentioality of your data, quick access and long-term independece.


Links and E-Mail attachment checked on a secure environment, before delivered into your Inbox.

Experience you can trust,
Service you can count on.

Our goal is to help your business in the best way possible. This is a basic principle in every case and cause for success.